How can I share my health journey on your Instagram, Facebook and Twitter account?

Thank you for your interest in joining our community! We look forward to sharing your health journey across our social media channels! Guidelines: 1. In 300-400 words, tell us a bit about of yourself - where you're from, the story of your illness/disability, and a few inspirational and uplifting lines that could help inspire or motivate our community members to continue fighting their battles. 2. For your picture, we require a good quality, non-filtered picture of yourself that fits the Instagram post dimensions. 3. Please include your Instagram name (required), Facebook, and Twitter contacts if you'd like. 4. When you're ready, send us your information to our email: Please Note: due to the number of submissions, a delay in your feature may arise - we won't forget about you. Please check in with us at anytime if you'd like to update or edit your story.

What if I don't have an Instagram account?

If you're interested in sharing on our Instagram page, we would need you to have an account. If your page is private, we can still post your story! We've had a many family members interested in sharing their loved one's stories. As long as consent is given, we can post their stories and tag you in the picture.

How can I submit a blog post?

Are you an avid writer looking to promote your blog and writing? Do you want to raise awarness and have us share a blog post across our social media channels? Here's what we need! Guidelines: We're interested in topics relating to chronic illness and disability that our community can relate to. Send us your top 5 lists for getting through a rough surgery/treatment/day, or, shine some light on your chronic illness/disabilty and help us raise some awareness. 1. An original post -1000 word mininum. 2. Include a HQ picture for your post (we can also use stock photos if you'd rather not!) 3. Include your Instagram contact, and any blog/YouTube links if you'd like to share! When you're ready, email us your writing for a review:

Do you guys have an Etsy Shop?

We do! Check us out and support us HERE:

What if I'm undiagnosed? Can I still be featured?

Yes, absolutely! Michelle and I were both undiagnosed for a REALLY long time. Back then, there was no chronic illness community to share our stories (hence why we started this page!), so we both struggled to find online support. We hope our community can offer you support, hope and encourage you to keep fighting for answers. Please refer to the first FAQ question to find out how you can submit your undiagnosed journey!

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