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Ashley lives in Southern Ontario, Canada. She loves music, fashion, makeup & something as simple as a drive on a sunny day makes her happy. She has EDS, MCAS, Gastroparesis/Intestinal Dysmotility & dysautonomia. Living with chronic illness has taught her to appreciate the small things, as things can change in an instant. She is so proud to be part of the CLC team / chronic illness community. You can find her running campaigns, creating content, and managing all of CLC’s social media channels."It’s been a blast working with this dedicated group of individuals who are passionate about spreading awareness and supporting those in the chronic illness community. Love & Light."

Meet our CLC Patient Leaders!  

What is a Patient Leader? Our Patient Leader group is made up of Chronic Love Club Members who have their own audience and who interact directly with the community online. Patient Leaders are dedicated to using their voice and platform to raise awareness for chronic illnesses and disabilities, and the mission of Chronic Love Club.


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Tiff is from San Francisco Bay Area, California. She was diagnosed at birth with cystic fibrosis in 1989. Growing up, she was always going in and out of the hospital for CF lung infections and started to feel the affects in her early 20’s and was placed on the double lung transplant list at the age of 24 years old. Two years and 8 months later, she received 2 new lungs. She now can enjoy singing Taylor Swift at the top of her lungs, be an advocate, exercise, and make memories! 




Ryan Mitchel was diagnosed with “Small Fiber Neuropathy” in fall 2019! Since his diagnosis he has made it his mission through his content creation and partnerships to raise awareness for rare diseases and help others with his nutritional training! 




Brit was born with bilateral hip dysplasia, developed chronic headaches and migraines at 13, fibromyalgia at 15, arthritic by age 20 and diagnosed with thyroid cancer at age 25. With hard work, determination and a well-developed stubborn streak, she has accomplished many of the goals she set for herself. Using what she's learned from her own life, she now works as a personal coach helping those in the chronic illness community looking to find their voice and reach their own goals




Cally is from South Africa. She was diagnosed with chronic kidney disease in 2011 and she was on dialysis for 8 years. Last year she was blessed with a second chance at life, she received a kidney transplant on the 5 March 2019. She feels blessed to have a beautiful 9 year old daughter, supportive family and the chronic illness community because they inspire her and they've always been there for her.




Meet Natalie (who everyone calls Nat). She was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis in 2017, right before entering her senior year of college and 2 months before running her first full marathon (talk about inconvenient timing... but then again, is a chronic illness diagnosis every convenient?!). She absolutely loves reading, running and going on walks in nature, traveling and whipping up gut-friendly recipes (99% of which are sweet). She feel beyond thankful every day that supporting the chronic illness community is what she gets to do full-time. She says, "Supporting others with chronic illness lights me up because this community is what has helped me out of my darkest times with my own illness!"

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Bradley is from Australia. He was diagnosed with vEDS - Vascular Ehlers Danlos Syndrome in January 2019. He is a husband to his wife Holley and he's also a dad to my two sons Hunter and Isaac. Both his two young sons, himself and quite a few other people in his family and extended family have been diagnosed with vEDS due to testing after his diagnosis. He shares his journey with vEDS to help raise awareness and support others with this syndrome and everyone else out there who has a chronic/invisible illness .




Maudie is from Fort  Worth, Texas and she was diagnosed with with ARVD/C, Heart Failure and CRPS. The chronic illness community has provided her with so much love and support over the years, that she just wants to give it back to those who now need it. When she's not managing her chronic illnesses, you can find her trying a new craft project or dancing around in her room, now that she can do that again!

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Brandon is from Southern California. He was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at age 3 and had a pancreas-only transplant in 2018. For fun, he enjoy hiking with his diabetic alert dog or catching some waves. The chronic illness community provides him a place for support and to relate to others. 

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Michelle is from New Jersey. She was diagnosed with degenerative jaw-joint disease in 2009. She is going on my 20th surgery and has 2 Prosthetic jaws (Titanium woman!) Despite the pain and struggle, she fights everyday - and never gives up! She loves to cook and bake - 100% Italian. She says, "I’m so thankful I have Chronic love club with their support and friendships they are always there for me! Beyond blessed to be apart of this amazing team."




Renée was born in 1988 and is from the Netherlands. In March 2015 she was hit by a car (as a pedestrian) which left her with a lot of chronic illnesses: T.B.I., Facial Paralysis & Synkinesis, Trigeminal Neuralgia and much more. She is forever grateful for the online chronic ill community as everyone has been so supportive, inspiring and understanding when she needed it the most. Much appreciated ! She says, "I feel blessed to be a part of the Chronic Love Club and build an even bigger community." You're more than welcome to join her on her journey living an unfixed life and get to know more of her and her illnesses on her Instagram.




Zoe was diagnosed with EDS when she was 12 and then collected PoTS, gastroparesis, Lupus and urinary issues. She now has a supra pubic catheter called Wizz. She is a physio, pilates instructor and personal trainer and loves helping herself and others find a way to move that suits their bodies. She finds she's moving a lot more myself now she has a puppy too! She says, "I would feel lost without the chronic illness community, their kindness and support have helped me so much."




Meet Ken. Ken was diagnosed with GIST Cancer (gastrointestinal stromal tumors) after originally going to the hospital following a car accident in 2013. Right now, Kenny is currently working at a Nature Educational Centre and he's also their wildlife and event photographer. He's been a part of Chronic Love Club since the beginning and says, "[CLC]... has been one of the best communities I've had the pleasure of experiencing. CLC is a beacon of hope for everyone!"

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