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Spoonies Unite: The Power of Social Media

Hey Everyone! I wanted to share something with you about the power of social media and raise awareness to encourage those who are suffering to seek comfort and support through Instagram, like so many others have. I feel so passionately about this because I have experienced first-hand how much of a difference this had made for me.

Since having to quit my job due to Fibromyalgia, I have spent A LOT of time on Instagram and have been completely taken aback by the huge, global, supportive community on there for people with any kind of chronic illness, whether it be mental or physical. I have found it to be a place of comfort, support, understanding and information.

When I was diagnosed, people suggested trying to find local support groups, to meet people in similar situations, who would understand what you are going through and how you feel, where you could share and learn from others, support each other and vent to each other. And that is exactly what I have found on Instagram. To a lot of people, especially those with anxiety, going to a support group is not the most appealing thing - even more so when you struggle with pain and fatigue and find it hard to leave the house, or simply they may not be accessible.

This is why I am sharing this. Because my hope is that if enough people see and share this message, it could land in the eyes of people who are desperate, suffering and lonely, who desperately want people to understand them and be able to support them in the right way and say the right things. They need to know they are not alone. There are 1000's of others like them and there are 100's of pages there to support them with motivational / supportive and positive messages and people who share their experiences you can learn from and feel comforted by. All from the comfort of your home using your phone or computer.

You may have seen in the news lately that Instagram helped to save the life of a teenage girl with anorexia by connecting with others in similar situations who had made it through and gone on to live healthy lives. She saw their pictures of recovery and it inspired her to fight and to live! I know there is a lot of negative talk about social media and phones, but this is a prime example of the good it can be used for and the power of social media.

If you would like to help me with this movement, please head to my Facebook and Instagram pages called ‘Fibro Chlo’ to share my latest post on this, to spread the message and help to improve the lives of those suffering and maybe even save a life. People need to know they are not alone and they can get through whatever they are suffering with!!!

Chloe has suffered with IBS and Anxiety for 10+ years. She was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in October 2016 after a two year journey to diagnosis with deteriorating symptoms. Chloe now dedicates her time to raising awareness for chronic illnesses, personal development, maintaining a positive attitude and helping to motivate others to stay positive and to fight to live their lives despite their illness/es. She has a passion for travel and is determined not to let her condition take this away from her (even if I can’t do much when I get there!).



Ig, facebook & twitter: @Fibro_Chlo

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