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How Christina's Chronic Illness Changed Her Life

By Christina | @christinakampas | March 27, 2018

When most people think of a life that has been effected by chronic illness, they may think that it is all negative effects. While dealing with chronic illness is difficult, I do have to say there are positives that come along with it! Here’s my chronic illness positives list:

  1. My chronic illnesses have brought me closer to God and it has strengthened my faith. In great times of difficulty, I find myself leaning on God more than ever. As a person of Greek Orthodox faith, I often find myself holding my Christ icon necklace is times of pain or nausea while I am at work. Leaning on God makes going through the difficulties of chronic illness much easier!

  2. I have made chronic illness friends. I have connected with people, even people from my past, that deal with chronic illness and we support one another. Those connections make dealing with chronic illnesses much easier because you realize you’re not alone. It’s also nice because you can ask each other questions about different treatment methods or questions about their experiences!

  3. My chronic illnesses have made me appreciate life more. Dealing with my chronic illnesses have taught me to not sweat the small stuff and have shown me what’s really important in life. Instead of worrying about minor things, I now am more concerned about things that matter. 

  4. It has brought me closer to my parents. I’ve always been very close with them, but when you’re having to rely on someone for help, medically, it really brings you closer. My mom always attends my doctor’s appointments with me and is always an advocate for my health. Even at 25, having someone who’s always there for you is a big deal. 

My life with chronic illness might not always be peaches and rainbows, but I’m appreciative for the gifts that it has given me! 

Christina was diagnosed with PMDD two years ago and recently diagnosed with gastroparesis. She is currently working with doctors to find a treatment method for her gastroparesis and has finally found an effective treatment method for her PMDD. She loves spending time with her family and volunteering for her church. 


Instagram: @christinakampas

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