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Finding Happiness with Chronic Illness

By Mea | @MeaByTheSea | CLC Science Contributor | November 27, 2019

Living with a chronic illness can be hard. With chronic pain, endless doctor visits, and medical bills that won’t stop piling up, happiness can be hard to achieve some times. Luckily, the longest-running study on happiness just released some data that may help you find happiness, even in hard times:

Let go of the little things

Minor inconveniences like traffic, meetings, and homework add up and create a lot of unnecessary stress. Research from the study indicated that people that learned not sweat the small stuff, ended up being happier overall. If you need help not worrying about the little things, the study suggests doing things that make you happy like playing sports and having a hobby.

People are important

As humans, we are social creatures. The study found that people that had close relationships with family and friends were happier than those that didn’t. Having a chronic illness can make it hard to connect to people and go to social events. In my opinion, you don’t need a bunch of people to make yourself happy— just two or three people that you are close with and you enjoy being around is all you need. If you want to connect with others with chronic illnesses, join one of the online communities like Chronic Love Club that help remind all of us that we’re not alone. Check out @ChronicLoveClub, @TheMightySite (They also have an online social media site for people with chronic illnesses), and @Fibro_Warriors.

Solan, M. (2019, March 28). The secret to happiness? Here's some advice from the longest-running study on happiness. Retrieved June 26, 2019, from

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