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Apps that can help with Chronic Illness

By Mea | @MeaByTheSea | CLC Science Contributor | April 27, 2019

Most people with chronic illness usually have to juggle multiple medications, diagnosis, doctor and infusion appointments, keep track of symptoms and avoid things that can trigger flares and it can be a lot to handle. It can also get lonely batting your illness alone. Luckily there are smartphone apps to help with all of these problems. The following apps can help keep track your symptoms, medications, and doctor appointments, as well as connect with other people battling chronic illnesses and build a support system, and even find a special someone who is also battling chronic disease and wants someone that understands what it’s like.

1. Lupus Corner Health Manager

-Allows you to track symptoms & overall feeling of the day

-Keep track of and remind you about when to take medication

-Connect with other lupus patients and share your experience with Lupus

-Ask questions anonymously about Lupus, medications, or symptoms

-Share and read about lifestyle habits that have helped other Lupus warriors

-Read new research article related to Lupus and Lupus medications, lifestyle habits, supplements, and more!

-Available on the Apple App Store

2. Chronic Illness Monitor

-Keep track of symptoms- allows you to rate them on a scale of 1-10

-Notify you of upcoming Doctor’s appointment s

-Remind you to take medication and supplements

-Create charts for specific symptoms so you can see how the fluctuate

-Allows you to input test results and have them stored on your phone

-Medical History- keep track of your medical history on your phone

-Images- allows you to input images and keep them stored in a specific photo library

-Allows you to chart your symptoms alongside medications to track improvement or regression

-Journal feature allows you to write down notes about activity and how you feel

-Available on the Apple App Store

3. The Mighty

-Social Networking app for those battling chronic illnesses— both physical and emotional

-Allows warriors to share stories, thoughts, and questions about mental health, suicide, chronic illnesses, disabilities, rare diseases, cancer, parenting, and more

-See stories about topics relating to your conditions and topics that interest you

-Talk with others in the community

-Add photos to help share your stories and questions

-Check in Daily with other members

-Privacy setting allow you to control who follows you and what you follow

-start discussions by creating your own hashtag

-Available on the Apple App Store

4. Health Timeline Medical Record

-An easy way to view your medical history

-Set up a medical record quickly and easily

-Allows you to search and categorize your health data

-Invite family and friends so they can stay update on your health records

5. Ouchie

-For chronic pain management

-Pain Tracking- create personal pain journal

-set up an ouchie profile based on your specific pain or condition

-note changes in pain level, medications, treatments, mood, sleep patterns, accomplishments, challenges, and more

-privacy settings allow your to keep your information as private or public as you want

-Interact with others suffering from similar pain or conditions

-Celebrate daily accomplishments with achievements to work toward

-earn rewards the more you track your progress

-Learn about pain management through different resources: updates on medications, support groups, meal plans, new treatments, research and more

Available on Apple App Store and Android Devices


-social media platform for chronically ill

-talk to other warriors and give and get support

-post about your experience

Available on the Apple App Store

7. Lemonayde

-a dating app for people with health challenges

Available on Apple App Store and Android Devices

8. My Action Planner

-an app to help set goals to help improve lifestyle

-set a weekly plan with goals to achieve

-self evaluate how you did at the end of the week- tallies up self evaluation and gives graphic reports on how you did

Available on the Apple App Store

9. Humira Complete

-For patients taking Humira

-Log and keep track of injections- allows you to log where you inject so you always inject on the right spot

-Keep track of any problems with the pen or syringe by being able to input the expiration date and serial number from your syringe/auto-injector

-Keep track of symptoms and how Humira is helping improve them

-Passcode protected to maintain patient privacy

-Resources can help you find savings deals and prescription rebates, speak to a Humira Ambassador, order a new sharps container, order an injection training kit or Humira travel case

-Get reminded about upcoming injections

Available on Apple App Store and Android Devices

10. Flaredown

A symptom tracker designed for people with chronic illnesses

Log and rate symptoms

Keep track of your medication schedule

Track foods and weather conditions

Connect with other patients and discuss varying illnesses and treatments

Available on Apple App Store and Android Devices

By Mea: @MeaByTheSea

CLC Science Contributor

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