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6 Lessons Learned Post Transplant

six \ ˈsiks \ noun Six years ago today, my life changed forever. Six years ago today, I was given a second chance. Six years ago today, I went from living in pain and weak to being strong and healthy. Six years ago today, I was blessed to receive a liver transplant and for that I am forever grateful. I want to share with you all six things I’ve learned and taken away from this life changing experience. 1. Always be appreciative. Whether it’s someone waiting up for you until you get home, or them surprising you with that gift you always wanted; say thank you. So many times, we’re left without the chance to demonstrate our appreciation. Always express your gratitude, even for the smallest acts.

2. Live each day to its fullest. It sounds cliché but who knows what tomorrow will hold? For a very long period of time, I lived without knowing whether I’d have the strength to get out of bed the next morning. Enjoy it all while you can.

3. Forgive and forget. When someone does you wrong, it isn’t necessarily because of you. It isn’t because there was an ulterior motive. Make amends and move forward.

4. Be generous and kind. Wait that extra second to hold the door open for someone. Give back. Stop putting yourself first, no matter how easy it is. Don’t forget that all your actions have reactions.

5. Listen. Take more time to understand people and what makes them who they are. Take more time to be there for people. Instead of jumping to conclusions, listen until you know enough to form a proper conclusion.

6. Last but not least, always be yourself. No matter what situation life puts you in, always be yourself. Don’t let anyone or anything change who you are. There’s a reason you are the way that you are and embrace it. Love it. Love yourself. Encourage yourself, believe in yourself, take that risk. Never doubt who you are. Six years ago today, I became a new me. No matter what stage your life is at, always make sure to be the best you possible. Six years.

Jeremy is from Montreal, Quebec, Canada. He lives with Crohn’s Disease and is a transplant survivor and an advocate for organ donation.

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