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5 Tips To make it Through Hospital Visits

By Hannah | @Hannah_rosenfelder | August 12, 2019

Having a chronic illness and being inn and out of the hospital frequently can be hard. I know for me it messed with my mindset and also with feeling like a normal kid/adult. I had to figure out some ways to keep a positive mindset along with making the hospital visits as comfortable as possible. These are the top 5 things I have done that made a huge difference in making the best out of each hospital visit.

Wear/bring your own clothes. I don’t know about you but wearing a hospital gown makes me feel gross the second I put it on I feel sicker. To me when you look good you feel good and yes I know that is kind of an oxymoron because lets’ be real who looks good in the hospital haha. What I do mean is when I bring my own clothes and wear something I feel good in it does something to my mentality that day. I feel a little healthier and more like myself which is what you need when you are in that situation. So bring short sleeves or tank tops depending on your iv/port situation and nothing with any sort of metal on it. If you have to have a procedure done change into a gown right before and then once you feel better ask to change back into your clothes. And know this they can’t tell you know as long as they can access your Iv.

Put something good in your mind. Like I said before going in and out of the hospital can be hard on your mental health. I struggled for years feeling sad, depressed like I wasn’t normal and questioning what I could do with my life. I started getting into personal development and realized what a difference it made if I read, listened to or watched something positive and motivational. I would make myself at least once a day fill myself with something good that was going to get my head back in the right space. Beating illness is half mental so if you are struggling mentaly it is so much harder to heal and beat what you are fighting. Some of my favorites are Tony Robbins, Rachel Hollis, Gary V and or a church sermon.

Get out of your room. I used to hate when my family would come in my room and try to get me to go for a walk or go sit in an open common room. I really wanted to just be pissed off and sit in my own room because really what’s the difference I thought. The difference is actually huge you get your body moving and out of that small 4 walled room. Go take a walk, visit the cafeteria, gift shop or whatever it is because I can promise you will thank me after.

Have visitors/sleep overs. It can be embarrassing and honestly frustrating to be in the hospital but if you can do some of the fun things you would normally do at home in the hospital it makes it so much better. Have friends over, play video games with them if your a girl paint your nails or do makeup. Whatever you enjoy outside of the hospital bring back into your room. I have friends who would take shifts staying the night with me and watching movies all night, I would use my “ room service” to get them snacks haha. Be creative and find things you enjoy that you can do in the hospital to make the best out of a crummy situation.

Have something to look forward to. I love shopping so my family would always take me shopping after a long hospital visit and it gave me something to look forward to. Sometimes I would plan a girls night at my house or just to even go to a movie I had been wanting to see. I knew that if we started planning something and talking about it I would get excited and think about what I would buy, see or do when I got out. It gave me a reason to want to get out and to push myself in the hospital so I would recover faster. It's amazing what the mind can do for you but you have to put it to work in the right way.

I hope these tips helped you in your chronic illness journey. I would love to know if you implemented any of them and how it made a difference for you.

This is Hannah; she is 29 years old she was born with Biliary Atresia. She has had two liver transplants her first one at 15 and her second at 25. Her and her husband Ryan now have a baby girl Hadley, they live in Texas. Hannah owns a Travel company and is passionate about helping others create time and money freedom so they are able to do what they truly love in life.

By Hannah Instagram: @Hannah_rosenfelder

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